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Client Reviews

"If you are looking for a knowledgeable and competent accountant to either handle, support or supervise accounting tasks for your Company here in the SF Bay Area, let me tell you about Dinah TenHoff. We met several years ago in connection with what would become a series of accounting projects that we worked on together. Right from the start she was a pleasure to work with which I knew would be a big plus. As our projects and opportunities expanded it became obvious to me that she strives for excellence in her work and thrives on challenges, continually with a passion to increase her professional knowledge & skills, simply because she always wants to be at the top of her game.

Dinah is dependable & hardworking, highly organized & accurate, energetic & flexible to new situations, and she has great follow-through. Her written and verbal skills are exceptional and she would be quite capable of starting new, or taking control of existing accounting projects. If your Company needs help in your Accounting Department with your general ledger, financial reports & analysis, your month-end close, quarterly & annual reporting, QuickBooks (desktop or online), accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliations and more, it would be well worth your time to contact Dinah to explore whether a work relationship with her would be a mutually good fit for your Company.

I can say with certainty: If you end up hiring Dinah, that will be an excellent day for you!"

"Simply put, Dinah is wonderful. She has worked with our business for the last five years, and I have worked personally with Dinah for the last three. Dinah continues to uphold her professionalism, while being personable and motivating. As an Accounting Manager, Dinah’s thoroughness and attention to detail is unparalleled. She has this wonderful mix of knowledge and understanding. She is patient and takes the time to listen, then provides thoughtful and informed solutions or recommendations — proving time and time again her dependability and devotion to her work and us, her client.

Perhaps the most impressive quality of Dinah’s is her consistency. She is always on top of things and preparing for the next steps. She pays close attention to the details and ensures every item is accounted for. Always prompt and reliable. This consistency is infectious. Working with her inspires me to pay closer attention to the details and to be more thoughtful in my processes of working. Not to mention, Dinah is so loving and friendly. It is always a joy when Dinah is in the office. She has this nurturing warmth about her and cares about her relationships. This is proven by the fact that she listens, remembers, follows-up, and follows through.

You know that co-worker you just love having around and hope is working when you go into the office? The one you can depend on when times get rough? The problem-solver? That’s Dinah. She is wonderful."

Dinah is an outstanding accountant.

I am a business owner who had a book keeper prior to Dinah coming on board five years ago. Immediately after she began working for me, I felt relief.

She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Dinah gives great advice on how to make the business more profitable and helps with how to get more margins and generate more revenue.

Dinah is extremely detail oriented and meticulous in her work. She is amazing at finding potential problems that most people would miss. I can always depend on her to keep everything in perfect order.

As a business owner, it is difficult to find someone who I can trust with all my banking and accounting. I absolutely trust Dinah with handling very private, confidential information.

I highly recommend Dinah! She has been with us for five years and I planning many more years with Dinah!"